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Updated 8/10/2008

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Firebolt Software

An introduction
We at Firebolt Software, formerly gkSoftware, refounded in 1997 and believe in making the Internet easy and fun for all. Our business ranges from producing software such as Fire Client, our enhanced MUD client, the enhanced profile service, Fire Portal, and other utilities for today's tech-savvy, but time-conscious users. Thank you for visiting!

Latest product update:
Fire Client
May 27th, 2007
Version: 2.14 (FREE!)
To Do : Daily Planner
November 9th, 2002
Version: 1.00 (FREE!)

What's new at
Game recommendation - Cube Coupler
September 9, 2013
Posted by: firebolt

So, yeah, not many updates these days, though knowing how you all love a good game, I wanted to post to recommend Cube Coupler, a free fun new game for your iPad. Get Cube Coupler FREE on iTunes. See a screenshot or watch the game play on YouTube.

CMUD - MUD client recommendation
October 18, 2009
Posted by: firebolt
Since Fire Client is no longer in active development, I am pleased to recommend an alternative. It's called CMUD (learn more) and is a product of Zugg Software.
Here are links to download and buy it.
Note: these are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission from any CMUD purchase. Your price remains the same!

Fire Client 2.14
May 27, 2007
Posted by: firebolt
Version 2.14 is a quick update to restore auto-update functionality after a quick web server update. Enjoy!

Fire Client 2.13
May 6, 2003
Posted by: firebolt
To celebrate another semester coming to a close, today we're happy to announce another great release of our MUD client, Fire Client v2.13. To see what's new, visit the version info page. As always, try it, use it, and enjoy it!

Fire Client version 2.12 is here
January 11, 2003
Posted by: firebolt
Once again we've tried to address a large number of feature requests while making a typical swath of bug fixes, so head over to the download page now and try out the latest and greatest version of our MUD client, Fire Client. See the product page for a revised timeline for future features. And most of all, enjoy!

Older news can be found here.

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