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Updated 5/28/2007

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Planned features for Fire Client 2.x

To be included in the future (from higher to lower priority):
	Readd link code
	Parse replaced text (so you can do colors)
	Revise how triggers trigger 
		(look at lines at a time)
	Revise how command line is parsed 
		(very difficult to do fun things without a different parser there)
	Add method for sending lines to different windows
	Adding color logs

Version Info for Fire Client 2.x

Version History for Fire Client 2.x (FC 1.65 recoded from scratch)

5/27/2007 - 2.14 Re-publish-to-fix-web-host-bugs Edition
	Fixes to restore autoupdate functionality

 5/6/2003 - 2.13 Ask-and-ye-shall-receive Edition
	Added tab completion lists (and fixing some minor history glitches)
	Fixed a localecho issue on Moos/Mucks
	Expandable advanced window
	One-click update of current MUD list
	Simple aliases now copy remainder of line after alias word by default
		%x replacements override this behavior
	Really cleaned up the connect/disconnect messages 
		(no onconnect/ondisconnect unless they really happen)
	Fixed some dumb lingering issues w/repeating messages being displayed
	Cleaner options for setting variables : /set target sniveling kobold lord
	Looking up variables now more consistent

1/11/2003 - 2.12 More than just a .01 really Edition
	Sound code actually downloads sounds instead of just playing 
		what's already downloaded into the app directory
	Fixed updates to certain advanced features
		(changing a macro and readding now works as expected)
	Add option to export advanced settings to TXT
	Fixed how log settings don't save
	Using new socket control
	Added classes to each entry
	Turn on and off individual triggers/classes
	Use /ON classname [itemname]
	    /OFF classname [itemname]
	    /TOGGLE classname [itemname]
		[itemname] is optional to turn on or off individual
		items.  if excluded, everything with the certain class
		is matched.

11/18/2002 - 2.11a Bug fix Edition
	Fixed some fundamental ANSI handling issues
		(Supports a larger subset of ANSI formatting commands)
	Fixed an options menu issue

11/15/2002 - 2.11 Colorful-fixes-and-stuff Edition
	Fixed some macro keys still sending key to command bar
	Fixed runcounter and increased FCID size to reflect user base
	Added saving of playlists
	Added more image downloading error correction
	Added options to customize every ANSI color code
	Added choice between normal and bright color set
	Added Fire Portal integration options 
		(check later to see the applications)
	Added /fphit name value : to allow you to post information to firebolt
		(uses Fire Portal login information to authenticate you)
	New mudlist (compatible with version found on mudconnector
		if you want to update it)

10/22/2002 - 2.10 Actually-added-some-things-people-want Edition
	Image code actually downloads images now... slick =)
	Turning off triggers actually turns them off
	Fixed an autoupdate bug
	Updated the installer - not like it was really bad
	Default background color now a dark dark blue
	Variables now exist (used mostly for the next feature...)
	Triggers now take regular expression patterns 
		(suggested reading:
	Added /song to tell you what song is currently playing
	Added /set varname value to let you set variables
	Added /hit URL to allow you to post information to the web if you choose 
		by constructing GET requests based on in-game variables

6/6/2002 - 2.09 Bored Edition
	Economic good times may have passed, but so too have a number of 
	lingering Fire Client bugs.

	Fixed saving of background color and other options in 
		client windows (and loading too)
	Fixed a bug that had kept several offline users from being able to load FC
	Added option to select end of line character (choose between LF and CR)

9/4/2001 - 2.08 Freeware
	On this Labor Day, we present free labor for you all... Fire Client has
	gone freeware.  Enjoy! =)

8/24/2001 - 2.07
	Fixed a problem caused by our web host *grumble*

5/14/2001 - 2.07b
	(Known bug with playing mp3's having id3v2 tags... working on a fix, but
		enough to keep this from being a public release)
	Some tweaks to cut and paste menu options (doesn't copy blank now)
	Now an option to clear active window
	Added RTF logging... open w/Word or wordpad
	Umm, yeah, it works under Win98 again now
	Fixed the bug that certain macro keys still got typed into the command box
	Updated mousewheel support for Win9x
	Parsing of a sample link readded in a special way
		because of the way the autolinker works

4/23/2001 - 2.06b
	(Known bug with playing mp3's having id3v2 tags... working on a fix, but
		enough to keep this from being a public release)
	Debugged FC1.66 importing so macros import, save, and display properly now
	Added an option to load playlists (*.m3u style) (save coming soon)
	Fixed a bug w/ /random when the list is empty
	Better mp3 player options
	Enhanced rendering speeds by buffering the output windows
	Allow custom path character
	Added /ADD to allow you to add a song to the playlist

2/20/2001 - 2.05b

	Fixed mudlist not loading when music playing
	Added /random command to listen to a random song
	Added /echo <sometext> command to allow aliased or triggered messages
	Fixed minor unnoticable bugs that COULD happen 

2/20/2001 - 2.05

	Fixed muds.ini location saving error
	Fixed other settings saving errors
	Now gags control characters
	Added telnet link integration
	Added a MUD list to connection manager
	Support for long file names in /play
	Added music player w/playlist
	Fixed <center> and <right>
	Added options saving/loading
	Added about 20 options
	Added offline option to connection manager
	/SAVE command to save all options and advanced settings
	/NEXT and /PREVIOUS to jump through music
	FC2 import feature to allow you to import additional advanced settings
		and export feature to let you save your settings elsewhere
	Added events
		On Connect
		On Disconnect
		On Image
		On Sound
		IMP Detected

2/17/2001 - 2.04
	Fixed a focus issue w/ /close
	Fixed trigger on sending as well
	Fixed '/' bug
	zMUD import feature
		Run zMUD and export your settings to a .txt file
		Run FC and do Options, Import settings.., zMUD
		Select the .txt file and find enjoy your settings in FC
	Added path processing to aliases
		Alias name: midgaard
		Alias command: .n3w5ed2s

	Added %1 replacement to aliases
		Alias name: store
		Alias command: get %1
			       put %1 bag
	  You type:
		store book
	  FC sends:
		get book
		put book bag
2/13/2001 - 2.03a alpha
	Fixed non-highlight after send bug

2/13/2001 - 2.03 alpha
	Added triggers - "execute" and "replace with"
	Added import feature for Fire Client settings
	Backspace ding bug
	Extra menu items on root menu
	Local image and sound caching improved
	Scroll up and down w/page up and page down while /p active

2/11/2001 - 2.02 alpha
	Added aliases
	Added macros (w/o key renaming though)
	Loading + saving those features
	Fixed history bug (the random every 20 command access violation thingy)

2/6/2001 - 2.01
	Fixed registration issues	

2/5/2001 - Released as 2.00 ALPHA
	/p or /pause to pause output so you can scroll back
	(use it again to resume's a toggle =) )

1/31/2001 - 
	99% bugfree ANSI + IMP very few
	Added images!
	Added autolink hightlighting!
	Added history
	Added nagstuff for unregistered users
	Add commandbox commands (/close, /reconnect, /5 spam,
				/all, /close, /quit, /run,
				/localecho, /settings, /new,
				/stop, /play, /ct)
	Added sounds (use /play "filename" and /stop)
		/play supports MP3s, wavs, and midis!
		/play by itself resumes the last stopped song

6/9/2000 -
	IMP Autodetection...
		Style: 'IMP v1'
6/8/2000 -
	HTML Color well as normal colors...
		color=#aabbcc and color=red styles
	command links finished!
	IMP Commands:
		font | f [face][, size][, color]: /font | /f
		center | c : /center | /c | left | /right
		back [color]: /back
		ct | cleartext
6/7/2000 -
	Global IMP Option
	Many little buggies and focus issues

6/6/2000 -
	Command Parser (use ; to seperate)
	Popup for closing, reconnecting, and disconnecting
	First attempt at decently...subtle bugs

6/5/2000 -
	Multiplay support
	IMP Commands:
		bold | b : /bold | /b
		italic | i : /italic | /i
		underline | u: /underline | /u
		strikethru | s : /strikethru | /s

6/3/2000 -
	Functional IMP engine
		(no commands yet)

6/1/2000 - 
 First working build...
	1) Connection manager
	2) Working ANSI Color	
	3) Options:
		Local Echo Toggle
		ANSI Toggle

(Until FC2 reaches beta, bug fixes should be considered part of every day's work)

Signing off...
- Those crazy guys at Firebolt Software!

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