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Updated 10/10/2002

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Version Info for Fire Client

Current Version 1.66 from 10/17/2000

10/16/00- v1.66 Public
	- Fixed overflow bug when you have too many fonts installed
	- Fixed the annoying reconnect bugs
	- Unable to speed up image-processing anymore
	- Includes updated winsock and runtime files
	- Includes a more stable version of the ad control

7/17/00 - v1.65
	- Added /ON <classname>, /OFF <classname> 
		to enable/disable a class of advanced features
	- Automatic fixes for invalid settings files
	- Options for bold/normal links, automatic clearing of link buffer,
		autoreconnecting, automatic login
	- New autoreconnect screen for when you get disconnected
	- Automatic login available w/name & password (encrypted)
	- New type of trigger "Create Link To"
		Allows you to make links out of received text
		Just set the "Action(s)" field to the commands 
		 you want it to send to the mud
		 or the URL of the http:// site to go to
	- IMP box indicates whether IMP is enabled or disabled
	- IMP can be completely turned on or off by typing 
		/IMP ON or /IMP OFF ( no global IMP option anymore)
	- Character options (command char, seperator, etc) are now savable

7/14/00 - Minor window position bugs fixed
	- The picture now changes when non-active MUD windows recieve text
	- Added CTRL-TAB to switch between MUD windows
	- Added support for an auto-update notification
		when new versions are available

7/10/00 - v1.60! build 1000
	- New parser!
		- ANSI Parser
		- IMP Parser
		- Trigger Parser
	- Updated connection dialog to allow changes to settings files
	- Scripts load and execute perfectly
	- Links in scripts
	- New wildcard pattern matching in triggers (*, ?)
	- Save seperate settings for each MUD
	- Password protector
	- Minor bug fixes (runtime #5 error, connect from mudlist error)
	- 3 styles for triggers
		1) trigger fire client commands
		2) replace text
		3) gag text
	- 30% speed increase

4/18/00 - 1110
	- Reorganized settings
	- Save settings option for color defaults, etc

4/15/00 - 1109
	- Text entry update bug fixed
	- Image bug fixed
	- A few ANSI fixes
	- Fixed a reg bug reported by a few users

4/12/00 - 1108
	- Bye bye slow image bug
	- IMP autodetection no longer sets lines at time to 0

4/11/00 - 1107
	- Serious updates for increased speed

4/6/00  - 1106
	- Fixed bug with <DISCONNECT>
	- Made several performance updates to parser

3/31/00 - 1105
	- More possible link problems fixed
	- Fixed possible runtime 'lines at a time' error
	- Links are read like traditional HTML now
	- Added localecho toggle in options
	- IMP autodetection sets lines at a time to 0
	- Added toggle to display/gag unrecognized IMP tags

3/27/00 - v1.50 BETA Build 1100
	- New advertising approved...FC released

3/23/00 - 1099
	- Registration server check now occurs every time
	- Now using new advertising company
	- User can now save general settings
	- Scrolling is now disabled when user hits PAGEUP key
		- SHIFT-HOME and SHIFT-END now bring you to the
		  top and bottom (respectively) of the text window while
		  scrolling is disabled.
	- After an image download, if image is invalid, Fire Client deletes
		it from the cache
	- Finally repaired inline links (hope) fully!!! Please test as much as you can!!!

3/15/00 - 1098
	- Fire Client will now blink when text is received from a connection while
	  another program has the focus
	- Added ANSI menu allowing you to adjust every ANSI color
	- Many new options for configuring FC (sounds toggle, blink toggle)
	- You can now set a limit for the number of lines in the text buffer (to increase speed)
3/13/00 - 1097
	- Added /cleartext, /ct, /clearstatus, /cs to clear respective windows
	- Allwindow command added /all <command>    sends command to all windows
	- Alias variables to detect extra words from the command line
		e.g. define an alias junk:  drop %1; sacrifice %1
	- New way to do ANSI colors...the right way!

3/2/00  - 1095
	- Redid parser (no random missing lines on CthulhuMUD)
	- Multi command added /## <text>   sends text ## times to the MUD
	- <RUN> tag removed due to security issues
	- Added option to set line buffer size

2/22/00 - 1092
	- More work done w/inline links, but more needed

2/18/00 - 1090
	- Redid inline links to fix autoscrolling bug when IMP is enabled
	- Fixed minor bug in /new

2/14/00  - v1.50 BETA Build 1087
	- Fixed OS issues between Windows 2000 and Windows 98
	- Added support for inline links (major)
		Syntax: <A HREF="http:// to signal a URL or anything else for a command to get sent to the MUD"
			   TEXT="link text to display in the client window">
	- Redid storage of client info to allow for more advanced features (major)
		Events, Aliases, Macros, and Variables all implemented
	- Perfected IMP detection (to go w/new Fire Server 1.30) (major)
	- Added IMP Assistant to write IMP code for you when you type ~ while IMP is enabled
		- This added several new IMP commands and virtually eliminated the need for
		  the /impreference, but it will remain anyway
	- Remade New connection dialog to allow mud names as well as allowing you to save
		and delete listings from your personal MUD connector
	- Added advanced history search feature (type the first few letters and press up and down to search)
	- Made some minor menu changes
	- Added menu item to run MUD help
	- Added /Gag command to use in events when you want text to not be displayed
	- Added /Replace [replacewithtext] command to replace the text triggering a text event
	- Added /Var [name] [value] command to allow for variable creation/value change
		Built-in variables @time, @date, @lastline, @version
	- Added /Say [anything] to display text, show variable values, and have the value interpreted
	- Fixed focus issues
	- Added Window | Clear Text to clear text from a client window
	- Added jump to top and bottom of MUD scroll
	- Fixed the "disappearing text in the textbox" bug
	- Fixed some semi-severe window closing issues
	- Added MUD list viewer w/speedy loading and the auto-update capability
	- Added double click support to IMP assistant
	- Fixed negotiation in advanced settings
	- Fixed a bug with adding new muds
	- Fixed some minor IMP issues with the IMAGE command
	- Added shorter versions of popular IMP commands...
		- F for FONT, F again for FACE, S for SIZE, C for COLOR, O for OFFBIOS
	- Added IMP commands
		<A HREF="" TEXT=""> <- Revised...explained above
		<D | DEFAULT FACE=fontname, SIZE=fontsize, COLOR=acolor, BACK=acolor, COMMAND=acolor>
			- Use above to set defaults
		<DEFSHOW> <- display current defaults
		<OFFBIUS> <- turns off all bold, italic, underline, or strikethru
		<HEIGHT SUPER=# SUB=#> <- to superscript or subscript text
		<CONNECTION NAME=> <- tag now allows changing MUD name (helps with settings files)
		<CNTN> now works as shortcut for CONNECTION
		<BUTTONNAME>  <- to fix names of the buttons after a <CONNECTION HOST= PORT=> command
	- Modified previous IMP helper functions to work globally and not just locally
	- Fixed a longtime tricky issue of random font name/size changing during certain IMP commands
	- Added legal license info

10/19/99- v1.49 BETA
	- Added help with /help  (which added /impreference, and /commandreference)
	- Added aliases (they call for infinite loops)
	- Macros for F-Keys and Numpad all set up and customizable!!!
	- Added add feature to mud list keeper
	- Added support for remote music download / local cache
	- Added support for remote image download / local cache
		- Images can be URL's in " " 's
	- Syntax for audio is now <AUDIO FILE=File Name>  <- note, no type required
		- File Name can also be a URL in " " 's
	- Added support for CD audio...(use <AUDIO FILE="cd drive:\track.cda"> to play CD's)
	- Debugged more of scrolling
	- Added customizable command history
	- Removed history beep
	- Added advertisement bar
	- Fixed the "nasty ANSI" bug so that data caused ANSI errors only display incorrect colors, not
		random ANSI characters
	- Fixed shifty scrolling characters (i.e. scrolling now perfect in all modes)
	- Added menu options to more easily demonstrate IMP
	- Added /image "filename" to allow image insertion into window
	- Added /audio "filename" to allow music playback
	- Added /new host:connection to allow new windows for connections
	- Added /msg "themsg" to allow popup messages
	- Added <RUN FILE= or PATH= > to shell to another program
	- Added /run filename to do the same in an alias

8/4/99	- v1.40 BETA
	- Debugged scrolling when many images/fonts used
	- Added automatic scroll lock (using scroll lock key and arrows/page UP or DOWN)
	- Added first, true, speedy version of IMP
	- Added IMP commands...
			SIZE=MAX|MIN>   (to maximize or minimize)
			INIT=a prefix for the INP value (i.e. INIT="tell fire " INP="How old are you?")
				(when INIT=CLOSE it prompts to close window)
			INP=inputs a value and sends to server with INIT prefixed "tell fire 22" >
			TYPE=Wave or MIDI
			FILE=File Name >   - both are required for audio to play
	- Added commands...
	- Revised Auto-IMP detection
	- Rewrote receive data procedure to make it more compatible, customizable, and faster!
	- Added a script interpreter to run startup scripts
	- Added option for amount of lines received before an update (really speeds up the 
		client when set to 4 and now works along with the IMP processor)
	- Added option for clipboard buffering (turn off to speed up client)
	- Fixed bug with closing/minimizing windows
	- Speedier ANSI support without crashing
2/25/99 - v1.37 BETA
	- Changed scrolling method so it's similar to IRC
	- Fixed IMP reader to permit multiword parameters...
		i.e. <FONT FACE="Comic Sans MS"> now works
	- Add IMP commands...
			MSG=somemessage for the status window
			BOX=some popup message for a textbox  >
		<CENTER> or <C>  and </CENTER> or </C>
	- Added ANSI support (foreground colors)
	- Debugged more of connection algorithm

2/22/99 - v1.35 BETA
	- Added toolbar
	- Added IMP option to connect dialog
	- Restructured the connection class
	- New logos, images, and colors (always a plus)
	- Revised connection algorithm
	- Incorporated new IMP-detection system
	- Added IMP auto-detect trigger (works with Fire Server 1.13+)	
	- Fixed some focusing problems
	- Added tooltip to connection
	- Added commands:

		/IMP ON (or just /IMP to turn it off)
		/DEMO   |- to do the IMP demo when a connection is open

	- Created TAG reading code to work on multi-part tags
	- Added IMP support:

			FACE="onewordfontname" |-doesn't support 2-word names yet
			      lyellow, bwhite	
		IMPTOGGLE   |- really only turns IMP off
		IMPDEMO     |- demonstrates the features

	- Rewrote data receive algorithm (much fast now)
	- Reorganized IMP command testing order

Done for now...will add more later!
- Those crazy guys at Firebolt

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