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Updated 5/28/2007

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Product Listing
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about them. Version info and feature descriptions are included
as well. Visit our download page to try one today.

Fire Portal
Public version: 1.160702, Beta version: none
Released: July 16th, 2002

Fire Portal Thumbnail

Fire Portal is a way of enhancing your AOL Instant Messenger profile with dynamic information from counters, to visitor lists, news, weather, a poll, and more! The service is completely free. To see an example, simply add FireboltPortal to your buddy list and view the sample found in the profile. To sign up today, click here! You use our online editor to make changes to your profile once you have an account. For answers to any questions you may have, please visit our forums first. Sign up for your free Fire Portal today!

Fire Portal requires AOL Instant Messenger 4.8 or higher on a Windows PC. The hardware requirements are the same as for AIM. See the version history here. To sign up click here!

Fire Client
Latest version: 2.14
Released: May 27th, 2007

Fire Client Thumbnail

Fire Client is the MUD client of the future. Using a custom specification called IMP (Interactive Mudding Protocol), Fire Client works solidly not only as a MUD client, but as a multimedia client as well. Fire Client allows you to setup elaborate triggers, create shortcuts with aliases, store values to variables, send and view images, audio clips, record your own macros, switch between different fonts midline to beautify the MUD, click on links on the MUD screen w/IMP enabled, have easy access to a custom history file, and choose from a list of great MUD's to start on! Whether you're a novice to MUDs or a seasoned veteran, Fire Client will never cease to amaze with it's many features and customizations. Here's a brief overview of the primary features:

  1. IMP to render fonts, colors, images, audio, and much more!
  2. Aliases to abbreviate several commands
  3. Macros to save keystrokes
  4. Triggers w/wildcard matching to have the client respond to messages
  5. Variables to permit useful bot-like features
  6. Support for in-line HTML-style image links!
  7. Command for hitting a URL to track a bot online
  8. Integrated MP3 player that can save/load playlists!
  9. Integration with Fire Portal to allow true dynamic profiles
  10. Clickable links so you can MUD with your mouse again
  11. Customizable ANSI color
  12. Now with improved logging
  13. Command history, autoreconnect, autologin...
  14. Tons of options to customize your game play!
  15. For more information on Fire Client's syntax for built-in commands and functions, see using Fire Client.

    Fire Client is a 32-bit application designed for Win98/2000/NT/XP that works over any 32-bit TCP/IP network connection. Recommended system config is at least a P233 w/32 megs of RAM and VGA.

    Version Info: Before 2.x  2.x+

To Do : Daily Planner
Version: 1.00
Released: November 9th, 2002

To Do : Daily Planner Thumbnail

To Do : Daily Planner is a simple and straight-forward way to organize your day. Simply add a new event, type a brief description, and never have to worry about wondering if you've forgotten to do something. Runs in the system tray out of the way and is easy to pull up with just a click. Keep track of things as you finish them and have the planner keep you up to date on what else you need to do. Great for people who want to better manage their day's activities and best of all, it's free!

To Do : Daily Planner is a 32-bit application designed for WinXP that requires nothing but a megabyte of hard drive space.

Fire Start
Version: 1.00
Released: January 9th, 2001
Fire Start solves all of your startup woes. Tired of Windows taking forever to load because of all the programs that run at startup? Fire Start makes removing each one as easy as clicking your mouse. Just select the infiltrating program from the menu in Fire Start and remove it. It's that easy!

Fire Start is a 32-bit application designed for Win95/98/Me/2000/NT that requires nothing but 0.4 megabytes of hard drive space!

Fire Server
Public version: 1.25, Beta version: none
Released: October 26th, 1999

Fire Server Thumbnail

Fire Server is a winsock-based TCP/IP server. It is able to detect IMP-enabled MUD clients and allow them to interact using IMP functionality. It will comfortable handle 20-40 user burden on a P166 for chatting/MUDding purposes. Watch for a scriptable version in the future that will allow in-depth mud/chatroom creation. Currently features instant messaging, client kick, and popup IMP info just by clicking on a connection plus the CHAT, TELL, INFO, WHO, HELP, and QUIT commands that respond differently depending on if the client handles IMP or not.

Fire Server is a 32-bit application designed for Win95/98/2000/NT that works over any 32-bit TCP/IP network connection. Recommended system config is at least a P166 w/32 megs of RAM and VGA.

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