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Updated 10/10/2002

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Game recommendation - Cube Coupler
September 9, 2013
Posted by: firebolt

So, yeah, not many updates these days, though knowing how you all love a good game, I wanted to post to recommend Cube Coupler, a free fun new game for your iPad. Get Cube Coupler FREE on iTunes. See a screenshot or watch the game play on YouTube.

CMUD - MUD client recommendation
October 18, 2009
Posted by: firebolt
Since Fire Client is no longer in active development, I am pleased to recommend an alternative. It's called CMUD (learn more) and is a product of Zugg Software.
Here are links to download and buy it.
Note: these are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission from any CMUD purchase. Your price remains the same!

Fire Client 2.14
May 27, 2007
Posted by: firebolt
Version 2.14 is a quick update to restore auto-update functionality after a quick web server update. Enjoy!

Fire Client 2.13
May 6, 2003
Posted by: firebolt
To celebrate another semester coming to a close, today we're happy to announce another great release of our MUD client, Fire Client v2.13. To see what's new, visit the version info page. As always, try it, use it, and enjoy it!

Fire Client version 2.12 is here
January 11, 2003
Posted by: firebolt
Once again we've tried to address a large number of feature requests while making a typical swath of bug fixes, so head over to the download page now and try out the latest and greatest version of our MUD client, Fire Client. See the product page for a revised timeline for future features. And most of all, enjoy!

Suggest new Fire Client features
December 15, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
We're currently compiling feature requests for upcoming versions and would like to publish a more detailed timeline and plan of events so you will all know a bit more about what's coming up. The version history page now contains our progress outlining what has and has not been finished. Check it out here. To make a suggestion, simply post in the Fire Client forum.

Fire Client 2.11 has been posted
November 15, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
Full of fixed bugs and some fun new features notably complete ANSI-color customizability and Fire Portal integration, Fire Client 2.11 is now available for download. Read more about the changes here or download the new version from this link.

New release... To Do : Daily Planner
November 9, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
For those of you who need a bit of organization in your life, but don't want to always be stuck using a formal full-screen application each time you want to jot yourself a reminder about doing something, we present a simple daily planner: To Do. It runs in your system tray and helps you keep track of what you have to do each day. It speaks .CSV in case you want to export your Outlook calendar to try it out. Download it here or read more about it by clicking the link under Products at the top-left corner of your screen.

Fire Client 2.10 released
October 23, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
As many of you hopefully noticed from the autoupdate notice, Fire Client 2.10 is now available for download and sports a number of slick new features including fully supported image downloading, the power of regular expression matching for triggers, and more that you can read here.

See the new changes
October 17, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
We haven't posted news about it because so much has been changing here so quickly. Just to highlight a few things... make sure to sign in to Fire Portal and see how we have integrated sessions into our site. You can now move around without signing yourself out until you choose to. We're still working on sharing that session data with the forums. You'll also notice Fire Portal is pretty darn quick now as we've optimized a lot of the queries that generate the profiles. And as a final bit of fun, check out our server stats page to spy on our server.

Fire Portal now supports guestbooks
October 1, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
By popular request, Fire Portal, our profile enhancement utility, now provides a guestbook for every user. You may add a guestbook to your profile by using the new <guestbook> and </guestbook> tags around text you want to link a viewer to your guestbook. Your friends will find the link to sign your guestbook at the bottom of your list of guestbook entries. Keep posted for more changes coming in the next few weeks.

Fire Portal available for open signup
July 16, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
You can now sign up for your own free Fire Portal quickly and easily, by simply clicking here instead of going through the process of first adding FireboltPortal to your buddy list. This should make it much easier for you to add a Fire Portal to your other screen names that don't have one yet. Remember you can list other profiles using the friends option to link them all together!

Finally, a new design!
July 14, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
Well, it has been a while, to say the least. I was reviewing some of the old news postings and realized that our homepage has had the same look for more than three and a half years. While it had served us well, it was time for a change, so today, we're unveiling our new database-driven and template-aided design. We hope you'll come to like it as much as we do. In the meantime, visit the forums if you feel like dropping us some feedback. We'd love to hear from you.

A trip to the past...Fire Portal and Fire Client
July 2, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
As our busy season comes to an end and our development season kicks off, we'd like to encourage you to get back into using Fire Portal, as it is again under active development and should be rolling out lots of fun new features soon. Expect another Fire Client release too, that fixes several lingering bugs that had been reported throughout the past few months.

Brief, yet fun, Fire Portal updates
February 19, 2002
Posted by: firebolt
Continue to pour in suggestions, please. We've now added an auto-updating top 100 viewed profiles page (view FireboltPortal's profile to see it in action), support for profile viewing by Macintosh users of AIM, and the simple update of putting an Add Buddy link next to each person in the list of who's viewed your profile to allow you to more easily talk to the people you never knew knew about you!

Still more features... enhancing Fire Portal
November 10, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
We've taken suggestions and have continued to pound away at making the best enhanced profile site on the net. In the past 3 days we've added an option to view random profiles, modified the way profile visitor recording is done, put in an option to reset both your counter and your visitor logs, manipulated the backend to compile profiles after editing (improving performance greatly), and creating a page for people who wish to pay to make their profile "Profile of the day" and advertisers to list an ad as "Sponsor of the day". For advertising info, visit the advertising page.

Enhancing Fire Portal... latest developments
November 7, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
The past few weeks have seen incredible growth in the use of Fire Portal, and we couldn't be happier. This past week, we've added several new features we think you'll enjoy including integrated top news headlines (refreshed every 15 minutes), along with current and forecasted weather information you can easily integrate into your profile. If you have yet to start a poll in your profile, you can do that too easily through the profile edit page. Looking forward to a special event? Let Fire Portal count the time for your with a countdown timer. We hope you enjoy the updates we've been making and if you're new, try Fire Portal today by simply clicking here to add FireboltPortal to your buddy list and read his profile for the remaining steps.

Fire Portal : IM profile enhancement
October 18, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Feel like giving AIM a kick? Simply click here to add FireboltPortal to your buddy list (AIM 4.7.2480+ needed), then read the Fire Portal-enhanced profile, and if you like it, sign up! Copy the HTML it generates for you into your profile and you too will have a revved-up AIM experience. Existing users may log in to edit their profiles here. Also, feel free to hit the new and improved forums, here to discuss our products, or well, anything!

A despicable act today
September 11, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Kevin and I wish to express our deep sympathies to all affected by today's horrible events. If you're not aware, 2 airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings and resulted in their destruction, a 3rd plane crashed into the Pentagon, and a 4th plane crashed 80 miles east of Pittsburgh. Please visit an official news site for details.

Fire Client 2.08 Freeware
September 4, 2001
Posted by: firebolt should be running happily on it's new host for all of you, and to celebrate, we're releasing Fire Client 2.08 as freeware. Download and enjoy!

New features coming =)
September 1, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
As announced earlier, will probably be a bit flaky for some users as the DNS entries get updated across the world for our new host. We now have a lot more capabilities than we did previously allowing us to provide more interesting services to you all, including a much-improved forum system, special file-sharing features in Fire Client, and multi-protocol connections via Fire Client and our newest connectivity program that's yet to be named. troubles fixed...changes coming
August 24, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
It's been a great summer, but unfortunately, the past 2 weeks have been troubled with web host problems. We've fixed the problems and the fixed version of Fire Client is also available from our site at this time. Expect for us to be switching hosts in the near future and some announced downtimes to be occurring.

Free trials for all
May 15, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Because of the overwhelmingly good response to Fire Client 2.07, we've decided to refresh everyone's trials. That means you get another 30 days to try out this version! Let us know what you think! We really think that this is the most compact, useful, and well-designed client you should ever need. Thanks to all of you for your help in making Fire Client what it is. Enjoy your free trials!

Fire Client 2.07 released
May 14, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
As usual, more bug fixes, and this time, we added logging because so many of you requested it. Check out the version changes here and download FC here.

Fire Client 2.06 BETA released
April 23, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Mostly bug fixes and a few subtle updates to the MP3 player, such as loading from Winamp playlists. Check out the version changes here and download FC here.

Fire Client 2.05 goes BETA
February 20, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Features galore added and bugs squashed as Fire Client goes 2.05! Now incorporating an MP3 player, triggered events, a MUD list to choose a new favorite MUD from, extra import and export features, telnet integration for your browser, and more! Check out the version changes here and download FC here.

Fire Client 2.04
February 17, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Fire Client 2 is a from-scratch recoding of Fire Client 1.x, which boasts some new features such as importing settings from zMUD and FC 1.x, being able to save paths, and many of the same features including aliases, macros, triggers, images, sounds, ANSI color support, link highlighting, and font color and size specializations through IMP. Best of all, we have removed all advertisements from the program and lowered the registration cost to just $10! Read about the version changes here or download it here.

Problems Fixed
February 8, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Firebolt Software recently experienced some major technical difficulties with our host. However, we are glad to report that all such problems have been fixed and we are sincerely sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused you. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Fire Client v2.00 Release
February 5, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Fire Client is moving into the big time with version 2.0 released today as an alpha (stable, but missing a few of the old advanced features which will be added before we can make it public or beta). Fire Client is now considerably smaller and runs much faster, even when images are used. Take a look today! Official documentation will be released when it moves beyond alpha.

Fire Start v1.0 Release
January 8, 2001
Posted by: firebolt
Fire Start is a startup management utility that helps you to finally eliminate some of those frustrating programs, which insist on running when Windows starts. You simply click a menu and Fire Start does the rest. Find our more here or download this freeware utility from here.

Fire Client Public Release
October 17, 2000
Posted by: firebolt
Bug fixes and runtime updates lead to the public release of Fire Client, version 1.66. Download the full version or the much smaller update from here and view the in depth details about what's new here.

Free online graphical gaming w/Fire Quest
September 29, 2000
Posted by: firebolt
Over the past few weeks, we've been busily working towards the completion of our newest project, Fire Quest. Fire Quest is a new interactive role-playing game played with our graphical interface. It requires DirectX 7, a video card supporting 24/32bit color @ 1024x768+, and an internet connection. Fire Quest is currently in the early stages of development, but updates are being made daily. Visit Fire Quest headquarters ( to get the latest version and for daily build updates.

More changes to Fire Client
July 17, 2000
Posted by: firebolt
Added specialty links, class toggling, autoupdate, autologin, and autoreconnect! Download the full version or the much smaller update from here and view the in depth details about what's new here.

Significant upgrade
July 10, 2000
Posted by: firebolt
New parser, advanced pattern matching, major speed increases! With this latest update, Fire Client is set to stick around for a while. Check out the new features and customizations! Download it here and view the new changes/fixes here.

Another update
April 18, 2000
Posted by: firebolt
We'll keep this short. Many new changes! Check the IMP information server to read about planned updates and clickable links directing you to IMP-enabled MUDs. Download it here and view the new changes/fixes here.

BETA Update to Fire Client 1.50
March 27, 2000
Posted by: firebolt
We've made many fixes and additions to Fire Client version 1.50 for this latest beta release. The IMP information server is now up dispensing information about the most recent versions of Firebolt products and providing links to the list of IMP-enabled MUDs. Windows Installer is no longer required!

Fire Client v1.50 Released!
February 14, 2000
Posted by: firebolt
After months of anticipation, Fire Client 1.50 is now available! Featuring the newest implementation of IMP which includes in-line linking, images, and sounds, Fire Client has reached new heights with this release. Complete support for events, aliases, macros, and variables is also included in this version. With the rollout of the first IMP-enabled MUD and Fire Client to support it, Firebolt Software can now focus on developing more flexible uses for IMP in other MUDs world wide.

Update of Interactive Mudding Protocol Spec v1.13
February 8, 2000
Posted by: firebolt
Because of the number of questions about implementing the IMP spec, we've revised it to include those features that are part of the soon to be released Fire Client v1.50 as well as a description of the new autodetection model. Along with the new spec, Firebolt will now maintain the listing of all active IMP-enabled MUDs. Included will be a brief description of each one and information about the required IMP version. Find an IMP-enabled MUD here. Read the updated IMP spec here.

Freeware release of Fire Server v1.25
October 26, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
For those of you who have really wanted to know what an IMP-enabled server with autodetection of IMP-enabled clients is like, we'd like to announce a freeware version of Fire Server. With many basic server features built in, you can see for yourself how an IMP server would run. Try it here.

Fire Client v1.49 BETA Now Available
October 19, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
The changes this time around are immense. Fire Client now joins the elite circle of clients featuring aliases, customizables macros, image and audio support for a multimedia mudding experience, built-in IMP command builders to help you learn to use IMP, and the first ever built-in help system. The scrolling bugs have been vanquished leaving a very stable, speedy MUD stream. Also check out the mud site list, command history, and macro definition helper! See the list of changes at version history to see what's been added or changed.

Fire Client v1.40 Beta Released
August 4, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
Here it is. Fire Client v1.40 debuts with speedy, detailed IMP support! Working as a regular MUD client, Fire Client now takes on the graphical realm with IMP. Check out the version history to see what's been added.

News from the guys
May 27, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
We know it's been a while since we've made many changes, so we just wanted to let you know what's been occupying us these last few months. Basically, we've been working with an outside company on developing a custom client for a new Internet game they're creating. Now, we've finished and will be making a great deal of changes around here. The first of which will be the opening of a discussion forum where developers from all around can share their problems and ideas about client development. With the support of forum members, we hope to create a new standard for Internet client interaction. It is available here.

CVHS Renovation
March 22, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
With some semimajor revisions, the CVHS directory is now up and running flawlessly. Students may now change their records as their contact information changes. Try it here.

Fire Client v1.35 Beta Released
February 22, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
After almost a month of waiting, Fire Client v1.35 is finally here! With the Interactive Mudding Protocol (IMP) now implemented, your mudding or chat experiences will never be the same. Check out the version history to see what's been added. Stay tuned for frequent updates as new commands are implemented DAILY!

All-in-One Software Release 1.0
February 22, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
Due to popular request, the most recent Fire Client (An exciting MUD client), Fire Server (A server for hosting chat or MUD connections), and all required files are now bundled into one big download. No longer will you have to extract from two zips if you don't mind the big download. Just click on

Fire Server v1.11 Beta Released
February 18, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
Try out the latest release of Fire Server. This version fixes some earlier run-time errors, handles a large number of users more efficiently, incorporates an instant messaging feature by just clicking on the name you wish to message, and adds the CHAT, TELL, and INFO commands. Look for more to come!

Final Firebolt '99 Installation Files Added
January 29, 1999
Posted by: firebolt
We've finished upgrading our programming tools to take advantage of the newest technology, so now we can release the final version of the tools required for all of our programs. We can now offer great database and multimedia linking features in our products. This is not a program, just a required element for our programs. Check out downloads for more info.

Fire Client v1.30 Released
December 8, 1998
Posted by: firebolt
We are continuing to add new code and to make the older code more efficient. This release covers the old scrolling lock-ups and also introduces the command separator (;). There are many new updates so check it out.

Fire Client v1.20 BETA Released
December 2, 1998
Posted by: firebolt
With IMP disabled in this version, try a nicely FIXED, new MUD client. In this version we solved some of the more complex problems we had and just want to make sure it works on different platforms.

New BETA Software!
November 24, 1998
Posted by: firebolt
Download our new, BETA, IMP-enabled client and server programs. See what it is like to MUD or chat with a scrolling HTML stream. Click here for the download page!

The update is nearing completion!
October 15, 1998
Posted by: firebolt
After many long days of work, FIREBOLT.COM is nearing the completion of its rigorous update. Surf around and see what we have been working on recently. Look for new software within the next 2 weeks!

Temporary connection established
September 5, 1998
Posted by: firebolt
A temporary site link was established to reroute everybody to our old page now on our new server while the new site is in production. Our brand new, updated page has been posted. Our new site page has a few of the many updated pages completed. What can be expected is better technical support and contact information.

September 2, 1998
Posted by: firebolt
Finally after months and months of debating, gkSoftware has chosen Firebolt Communications Software for its new name. Today marks the day that is now the official Firebolt Home Page.

gkSoftware founded
December 27, 1997
Posted by: firebolt
With a strong push, gkSoftware is thrust into existence. Our first page and software is available at a ferociously long URL.

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