Rocky Mountain National Park

Good old Rockies. This is finally one time to begin to look back at how great the trip has really been and what better place to look at stuff from over 12,000 feet above see level (as shown above)! Actually, now the sad reality that we are at the end of our journey begins to set in. However, this is another memory making place. We get to experience what it is like to roll around in a glacier in the middle of July. Don't worry, we really are thinking about everybody else back here at home frying in the deep heat and humidity... Up in the Rocky Mountains, we also get to see how hard it is to breath in high elevations. Different forms of plants and animals are also observed. Each night is usually capped off with a trip back to civilization as we go into Estes Park. This is a small town that is a famous landmark for many. It may be a little hard to visualize here at our low elevation of roughly 550 feet above see level but just take my word that this is one more incredible places we visit.

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