Requirements and Eligibility

This summer geology course is basically open to every student at Cumberland Valley at one time or another. The course is oriented to be an enrichment added to the one year Earth and Space science class offered at CV. That is why the first requirement for those wishing to go to have had, and passed a full year of Earth and Space science. This does not mean that only CV students will be permitted on this trip; however, CV students will have preference in the application process. Also, the course is only for those students who are in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. The application process is simple and consists of a form that includes some basic personal student information anformation and a short essay about why they wish to participate.

Once a student has been selected, there are a few requirements they must complete to receive full credit for the course. These requirements are:

  • 1. Be in attendance for class and field trips.

  • 2. Complete all in-class assignments.

  • 3. Create a field notebook and road log containing observations. This must be kept up to date during the entire trip.

  • 4. Pass a final exam encompassing the entire course.

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