Places we will visit

Here are a FEW places we will visit (I don't want to spoil the whole trip) and some information about each.
Meteor Crater
Here is where an asteroid struck the Earth 40,000 years ago!
Arches National Park
Formed over millions of years, these are natural geometric wonders. Arches is a favorite site for filming movies and comercials.
Mammoth Cave
Mammoth Cave is literally the largest cave in the world and it is still growing.
Rocky Mountain National Park
Here we explore the beauty of some of the larger mountains in the U.S. Plus, we get to play with snow in July!
Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon
Bryce and Zion are among the best geological and sightseeing spots in the whole world!
Grand Canyon
Here is the Grand Canyon in all its glory. It is among the most spectacular formations on this planet. Two billion years of Earth history are revealed here.

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Meteor Crater | Arches Nat. Park | Mammoth Cave | Rocky Nat. Park | Bryce and Zion Canyon | Grand Canyon

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