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So what actually is Geo '2003? To be quite frank it is an experience that will take approximately 28 students out to the southwest going across the country in vans. We will be camping so any previous camping skill is a bonus (but it is not required). The students will learn information not available to them inside a concrete classroom but inside nature's classroom.

The trip is instructed by Mr. Michael Conrad who teaches Earth and Space Science at Cumberland Valley. He has taken students on Geo trips. In fact, one every other year since 1985! Assisting Mr. Conrad in teaching the students will be lectures by tour guides and outside readings.

The focus is geology and key aspects of the Southwest U.S. The highlight of the trip include Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon. Upon successful completion of the course, students wil be given a full credit in science. Students will take tests before, during and after the trip to prove they learned something. Furthermore, their grade will be calculated into their cumulative average. Prior to actually leaving, we will visit local geological highlights such as Conodoguinet Cave near Carlisle and Boiling Springs. There will be a week of classroom study before we actually leave and several days upon return.

We will also explore the world of astro-geology at Meteor Crater , dinosaur remains at fossil quarries and glaciers in the Rocky Mountains. This a truly unique opportunity for students to explore the country they are part of. Many students come back from this trip with a great sense of nationalism and a feeling that they want to do more. This trip will expand there minds in ways they never experienced before!

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