Grand Canyon

Here is the Grand Canyon in all its glory! Everybody knows about this famous split in the Earth after all, it is the largest canyon in the whole world! This is the single greatest source for geological information because so many pristine rocks have been preserved and exposed just for our looking. It is interesting though, that with all the studies that have been put into it, we still are not sure as to the exact way the canyon was formed.

Well anyway, the canyon is like nothing else. We will spend three days at the canyon. In one of these days, we will hike down the Grand Canyon into the mighty depths just watch out that you don't fall in (just kidding)! This is one place that no one ever forgets the visit. It is truly awesome driving along in an incredibly flat area and just literally drive up to the edge without noticing it beforehand. For those who still don't see it's beauty here is one more picture of it:

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