Cost of the trip

For all you parents out there, I know your first question is "How much will it cost?" This trip by is neither cheap or expensive. The actual cost for the trip is a total of $1,000.00 . This fee covers all educational expenses and the physical cost for the trip. This price also covers two meals a day; yes, only two meals. The students will need the money to cover one meal per day at a fast food restaurant. This price also does not include any extra money they wish to bring for personal expenses, souvenirs, etc.

For those that are accepted, a deposit of $500.00 will be collected no later than November 29th. The other $500.00 is then due by June 2nd. Any student who withdraws from the program after January 1st, 2003 will forfeit $350.00 of their down payment!!!

To help offset the cost of the program an optional fund-raising campaign will be offered to all participating students.

Many parents ask how much money the students should bring. This is totally up to the individual families. This money will be carried by the students and the chaperones will not be responsible for it. The best ways we have found in the past is for the students to bring Traveler's Checks (plus a picture ID) or use a MAC card.

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