Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon

Many people get Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon confused. Right here I hope to set that right... The picture above is of Zion Canyon. Zion Canyon is a huge network of small crevasses in the Earth. These were cut down by the raging Virgin River. Zion is made famous by its incredibly beautiful natural scenes. The well known Narrows has its home in Zion. For those of you who don't know what the Narrows are, it is one of the small crevasses. However, here the walls become very close to the sides of the Virgin River making it a truly unique experience wading up the river with walls going straight up on either side of you.

Now Bryce Canyon is also just as incredible. Here, on the edge of a plateau, rocks have begun to erode away but have done so in unreal way. What exists are huge columns of rock called buttes tower toward the sky. You get the chance of hiking down into this falsely named canyon to explore to your heart's desire. Bryce was formed from the freezing, fracturing, and faltering of the incredibly red orange colored rock.

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