C.V.H.S. Summer Geology Enrichment Program For 2003

Prepare to embark on a journey that will take you from the mile deep gorge of Grand Canyon to a frozen world in the Rocky Mountians 2 MILES above where you are sitting right now! These are a few things that you will encounter as you make your 6000-mile trek across the vast United States. You will see things only found in dreams.
Information about the Program
Find out what the program is actually about and how to participate.
Who can go and course requirements.
Find out if you can go on GEO '2003 and find out what is actually involved in going on this extraordinary trip.
How much will it cost?
The logistics as to the explicit and implicit costs of going on Geo '2003 include the actual payments for the trip and what you will need to get to prepare for it.
Where do you go?
Get information about the places we will visit and take an early dive into the pool of knowledge we will explore.
Warning: May take a minute or two to load.
Parent's Area
This is the place for parents to get some answers to a few FAQs. Also, this is a reminder for important dates of the trip.

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