Up, down, left, right - Arrow keys
	Get current location - /where
	Get player list - /who
	Get player info - /info
	Save your character - /save
	Exit - /quit

	Client side:
		Patch server & updater program
		Different guy images
		Tile & ad downloading
		Complex level loading
	Server side:
		Creation of classes, user statistics

		Need tiles & characters!!!
Version History:
	.17 -
		Movement based on time, not fps

	.16 -
		Internal ID system fixed ghosting
		Wander w/mobs!!!!

	.15 - 
		Full size zone support
		Levels are compressed and sent!

	.14 -
	 	New guy image...
		Numpad used for typing and sending numbers...use arrow keys 
			to move now
		Fixed a compatibility issue that was blocking people who
			couldn't support 1024x768x32...x24 and x32 now work

	.13 -
		You have an actual guy! (faces the direction he's walking)
		Server sends blocks of the level to you (no more plain grass)

	.12 -
		You have a unique login and password (not too pretty
			but gets the job done for now)
		Tweaked the client parser (it had a bug, go figure =P )
		You have a player file stored on the server!

	.11 -
		Added an intro screen from which you can choose
			to play or quit (other options added later)
		Sending /quit to the server brings you back to the
			intro screen and reconnecting actually works!
	.10 - 
		Parser fixes
		New ad requests sent to server
		You also see when people quit
	.09 -   
		You see when people come on and they see when
			you come on if in same area
		You receive an automatic notification from the
			server if a new version is available
		Client still gets off a little if too many people
			move around too much too fast
	.08 -   
		Multiple people can play at once...
			(still buggy if people log out and
			 come back or connect more than once)
		Client doesn't remove people that log off yet
	.07 -
		Much better server interfaced movements
		/info command
	.06 -   
		Chats and server messages appear at top of game
		Added text bar for chat!
		Added server commands /who, /where, and /quit 
			(take a guess what they do)
	.05 -
		Basic server interface implemented
		Movements authenticated w/server
		Scrolling now done by square
		Screen tiles now stored
	.04 - 
		Added winsock support to connect to a server and exchange data
		New tiles
	.031 - 
		Ads have ad IDs
	.03 - 
		Rotating clickable ads
	.02 - 
		Window movement with numpad
	.01 - 
		Tiling the screen

- Those crazy guys at Firebolt

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