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Updated 5/28/2007

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Firebolt Software

Latest product update:
Fire Client
May 27th, 2007
Version: 2.14 (FREE!)
To Do : Daily Planner
November 9th, 2002
Version: 1.00 (FREE!)

Official Download Page
Find the application you wish to download and click on its corresponding link.
    Name Description Site(s) Size
    Fire Portal
    A free way to enhance your AIM profile with a countdown timer, poll, weather, and news!
    Sign up now
    Fire Client v2.14
    Full version of our MUD Client: smaller, faster, better!
    (Still with IMP)
    SHA-1 : 780BCDBE09ADB532B6C6A82D10593D3CDBF12EF9
    MD5: 500139E5C1A3031584AAB47C273B59FB
    Site #1 956k
    To Do : Daily Planner
    Plan your day, one entry at a time. Easy to use so you can spend more time doing what you want.
    Site #1 591k
    Fire Start v1.00
    A utility for managing programs that run at startup. Site #1
    Fire Quest
    The client for our online game, Fire Quest.
    (currently down)
    Site #1
    Fire Server v1.25
    Host MUD/chat sessions w/automatic IMP detection! Full version.
    (pretty old now)
    Site #1

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