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Updated 3/29/2009

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About Firebolt Software
Firebolt Software, formerly gkSoftware, is comprised of two people, Garett Nell & Kevin Wolfe. Since 1990 when they befriended one another, they have worked diligently to provide software that all people can use and enjoy. Everything found on this site is a product of their combined efforts.

What about the owners?
Garett Nell
IM me

Garett thinks this website hasn't been redone in a long time! Some links to a few affiliations from the past:
Penn State University | Cornell University | Cornell Glee Club | Kappa Delta Rho | Association of Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU) | Cumberland Valley High School | Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences (PGSS) | Boy Scouts of America

Kevin Wolfe
IM me

Kevin is also a student at Cornell University graduating from Cumberland Valley High School. His pursuits are in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His interest in computers and computer programming goes back to the era of DOS and 5 1/4" drives. Once he started fiddling with computers, there was no turning back...

Also an Eagle Scout in the B.S.A., Kevin remains active in his home troop and council as he teaches a Junior Leadership Training Course each summer.

Coming to Cornell University has opened new doors to Kevin as he is now involved with the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, Tae Kwon Do and spelunking.

Visit his personal homepage at is no longer registered.

His resume is available from his homepage.

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