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Updated 10/10/2002

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IMP specification 1.20
Details on the Internet Mudding Protocol used by Fire Client and Fire Server.

The Purpose
  • Select a working subset of HTML that incorporates easily into a MUD stream
  • Allow for a seamless integration into normal servers so that users of an IMP-enabled client notice only the tremendous special features and not the detection process while users of other clients are not affected at all.

Current Implementation Download Page
  • Detection
    • Client detection is initiated by the server upon a new connection
    • The server immediately sends the following string:
      • "Autodetecting IMP...v1.xx" where xx stands for the IMP server version (i.e. "30" is the most recent)
    • The purpose of this string is to identify an IMP-enabled server to regular mudders and to tip off IMP clients while informing them of the IMP server version.
    • Anytime an IMP-enabled client initiates a connection, it has an IMP-check tag enabled until it sees that trigger or it recieves 2 of more lines of data that aren't that trigger. 
    • Once a client detects IMP, it responds immediately to the server with the following string:
      • "v1.xx" where xx stands for the IMP client version (i.e. "50" being the newest release)
        IMP is now offically enabled and detected for both sides of the connection.
    • A non-required third step is for the server to acknowledge the receipt of the IMP client's version by sending the IMP command <IMPDEMO> which triggers a demo on the client's computer.

  • Recognized Commands
    • <IMPDEMO> - Triggers a display determined the completes at a minimum acknowledging enabled IMP capabilities
    • <A HREF="http:// to signal a URL or anything else for a command to get sent to the MUD">text to display</A> - Format for inline links in the client window
    • <IP> - Replaces text with your IP address
    • <D | DEFAULT FACE=fontname SIZE=fontsize COLOR=acolor BACK=acolor COMMAND=acolor> - Allows you to set defaults for the client to return to after a </F> command or before text is even altered.
    • <DEFSHOW> - Displays current defaults in client window
    • <HEIGHT SUPER|SUB=#> - Superscripts or subscripts text by # pixels
    • <S> | <STRIKETHRU> / </S> | </STRIKETHRU> - Enables/disables strikethru
    • <C> | <CENTER> / </C> | </CENTER> - Enables/disables text centering (usually better to append a line break to function properly)
    • <B> | <BOLD> / </B> | </BOLD> - Enables/disables bold text
    • <I> | <ITALIC> / </I> | </ITALIC> - Enables/disables italic text
    • <U> | <UNDERLINE> / </U> | </UNDERLINE> - Enables/disables underlined text
    • <FONT | F  SIZE="point size" COLOR=<red/orange/yellow/green/etc> FACE="font name"> / </FONT> | </F> - Enables/disables font effects
    • <CT> - Clears the active text window
    • <CS> - Clears the status window
    • <AUDIO FILE=filename or URL> - Plays an audio file
    • <STOPAUDIO> - Halts playback of audio
    • <WINDOW SIZE=[MIN/MAX] NEW=title TITLE=title - Maximizes, minimizes, creates a new window with a certain title, or changes the active window title
    • <CONNECT> / <DISCONNECT> / <RECONNECT> - Connects, disconnects, or reconnects with the active window's host and port
    • <CONNECTION HOST=host PORT=port> - Changes active host and port for active window if disconnected, and then creates a new window bound to new host and port
    • <ST | STATUS MSG=statusmsg BOX=msgbox INP=popupquestion INIT=init commands to do before answer to popup question> - Creates any or all of the following: a status message, a message box, or a popup input box that will send back to the server the INIT commands followed by the user's response to the INP question
    • <IMG SRC=file/URL ALT=description text> - Displays a file in the current active window location and sends an ALT message to the status window
    • <BACK COLOR=<red/orange/yellow/etc>> / </BACK> - Sets the background to a solid color or returns background to original color
    • <BR> - Inserts a line break into the text stream

  • Notes: The following abbreviations are recognized... F for FONT, F again for FACE, S for SIZE, C for COLOR, O for OFFBIOS. All IMP commands are case insensitive. For sake of syntax, do not add spaces between a sub tag (i.e. href) and the = sign. That also goes for between the = and the value (i.e. "")

  • There's more, but it will come later after further testing...
  • Leave comments about this (c) 1999-2000 Firebolt Software proposed spec at our forum 

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