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Updated 1/6/2009

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IMP-enabled MUD Listing
This listing is designed so that present and prospective users of Fire Client can find an IMP-enabled MUD suited to their needs

The CthulhuMud is a place where Cthulhu fans, or simply those who like to Mud, can gather, have some fun, do some questing and kill a few monsters. The MUD is a text-only game, which includes roleplaying as in a MUCK or a MUSH, but differs in that there is a LOT of killing (Player killing is restricted - newbies are safe). It's based on the works of HP Lovecraft, specifically the Cthulhu mythos and the Dreamlands. Our area-builders, who are adamant readers of this mythos (or so they claim) do their best daily to map our new areas and sections in the world for all players to explore and enjoy. And they're doing a great job of it, too. There is still construction going on and there's a lot more to come, but there's a great big world in there to explore and enjoy, and new players are always welcome. Feel free to join us, and have fun!
IMPlementation rating:
Required IMP Version(s): Client 1.50+, Server Engine 1.30
Web Site: CthulhuMUD

LostAges Moo is a medieval based moo. We have coded combat though non-coded player role play is -highly- encouraged.
Think Medieval Times like King Arthur and knights of the round table... Jousting Tournaments, saving damsels in distress, adventure and questing... The time period is around the 14th century. The theme isn't strictly set to be just like this period, or just like King Arthur's knights of the round table.. that's just want it's loosely based on. Basically a fantasy medieval setting.
IMPlementation rating:
Required IMP Version(s): Client 1.50b1110+, Server Engine 1.30
Web Site: Lost Ages

Are you IMP-enabled? Get Added
If your server is currently working on adding IMP, has added it, or has plans to add it, email Firebolt with your site info, home page, and current status towards becoming fully IMPafied.

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